Review: 'Grey's Anatomy' - 'State of Love and Trust' Season 6, Episode 13

There was no reason for 'Grey's Anatomy' to have had a rerun last week. Why didn't the producers start one week later? Either way, Derek takes over Seattle Grace this week as the chief and struggled on his first day. While he managed to figure everything out by the end of the day, it's nice to see Derek's evolution handling the responsibilities.

The Chief, or I guess he's just now demoted to "Richard," struggled with his decision to retire or go to rehab for the whole episode. While Derek, Meredith, and Bailey tried to talk to him, it was all his decision to make the next step. Here's hoping that he comes back stronger than ever.

One of my biggest fears is waking up in the middle of surgery, so watching Bailey's patient open her eyes made me cringe. I have trouble believing the storyline, not because the patient's metabolism was fast, but the fact that Bailey clearly prepped the patient before going into surgery, gaining the patient's trust. While I would have also gotten defensive in the beginning, I wouldn't have tried pushing Bailey away, knowing I just came out of being stitched together.

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