Recap Charmed: Season 3, Episode 15 - Just Harried

The episode opens with Grams, Prue and Phoebe putting a floral arch in place for Piper and Leo’s wedding. Prue and Phoebe tease Grams about her multiple marriages. Piper comes in and approves of their decorations, but comments on her mother’s absence. The Elders will not allow Patty to come down for her daughter’s wedding. Phoebe takes Prue to bed, and Grams reminds Piper that Halliwell women keep their names before disappearing. The scene cuts to Prue asleep in bed and then to her dream. Prue is in a biker bar and is winning at pool. When she tries to collect from one of the bikers, he attempts to take advantage of her. An attractive man, T.J., helps Prue get her payment, and Prue kisses him before walking out of the bar. Outside the bar, the biker tries to get his money back, but Prue knocks him unconscious, she then reluctantly astral projects out.

Piper wakes up on her wedding day to her bed covered with rose petals, courtesy of Leo, and is thoroughly happy. Phoebe and Prue join her, but Prue ruins the happy mood when she recounts the previous nights’ dream. Piper is momentarily upset; however, Phoebe and Prue remind her that she should be happy on her wedding day and shouldn’t worry. Meanwhile, at the bar from Prue’s dream, the police have a crime scene and the biker is lying dead outside. A cop questions T.J. before going inside and watching the security tape that shows Prue’s altercation with the biker.

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