This Week in 'Glee' Music: "Sectionals" Episode 13

Glee's fall finale was the perfect example of Murphy's law. You know, anything that can go wrong will go wrong, although we're all distracted, I guess, to realize that things will go wrong, both on the victims and the perpetrators. Sue-spension, yay! While it's nice to see an uninterrupted performance from New Directions (and the expected win), the most important bit has to be the way they wrapped everything up--and yes, I'm referring to that kiss between Will and Emma. I did see it coming, but when it happened, you know, it still feels...

To this week's songs, then. I already said my piece on this episode's songs a couple of days back, and for the most part they haven't changed, only now we get to see it in the context of the show. As always, these songs are now available for download on iTunes, and are also on the second Glee CD, which is already in stores. Come on. Four months of waiting? Cancellation is much worse, I say.

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