Recap Charmed: Season 3, Episode 16 - Death Takes a Halliwell

To begin this episode, Prue and Phoebe are at the beach where Prue is taking photos, and Phoebe is sitting in the sand, building a sand castle, which she refers to as "Kingdom Phoebeville". When Prue's feet are splashed by a wave in close distance to Phoebe's castle, she tells Phoebe that she doesn't understand why she, Phoebe, 'would spend an hour of her life building something that is going to be completely destroyed and disappear in five seconds flat'...making it obvious that she is not having the best time, nor is she in the best of moods. Phoebe responds a little more positively, and questions Prue about why she is in such a ba-hum castle attitude.

We then come to know that Prue does not like the beach because this is where Grams took the sisters after their mother's funeral many years ago. This being the episode after Piper's wedding, Prue had just seen her mother who made a surprise visit, allowed by the Elders, and now here they were at the beach, where Prue admits to feeling angry about their mother's death, while Phoebe says she isn't angry about it, she is sad. Apparently, Prue doesn't do sad that well.

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