Royal Pains: Will Divya Follow Her Head or Her Heart?

Royal Pains star Reshma Shetty found a simple solution to the difficult task of finding on-screen chemistry with a co-star: She just followed what was written on the page.

"We made fun of it. We called it 'the spark' because in the directions there would always be these moments and it would be written in: 'and with a spark.' And we're sitting there as actors going, 'OK, how should we do this spark here," Shetty jokes to

Shetty's on-screen alter ego, Divya, has had no such difficulty finding "the spark" with recent Hank Med client and do-gooder documentarian Adam (Patrick Heusinger). After meeting in last week's episode (and spending the night together in Hamptons Heritage Hospital) the only thing standing between them is one big thing: Divya's impending nuptials to Raj.

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