Season 6, Episode 15 Review: 'The Office' - 'Sabre'

Why has this season of 'The Office' been so off-kilter? There have been promising episodes but very few that hit the mark. In fact, the only episode that can hold its own with classic 'Office' episodes is the Pam-Jim wedding, and I'm starting to fear that the show really is trying to figure out where to go from that high point.

And Jam may be the big problem here. They're not interesting anymore. But I'll get to them later.

So Dunder Mifflin is now owned by a company called Sabre. We don't quite know what they're all about except that they sell printers and they have a feisty CEO played by Kathy Bates. And in exchange for saving the branch's ass, they've asked for a few very reasonable changes. You'd think that even Michael Scott would embrace those changes. You'd be wrong.

Look, Michael can be petty, but sometimes it's amazing how truly petty he can be. He can't drink water out of tiny cups anymore? He was really willing to get fired over that? Oh, sure, Michael was bristling over the changes -- however small -- that Sabre was implementing on the office because he was used to it being his domain where he made the rules. But, jeez, you'd think even he'd see the wisdom of sacrificing Facebook access for, you know, having an actual job.

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Feb 5, 2010 11:24PM EST

max i still love the show and i disagree with you that the only classic episode from this season was jim and pams wedding personally i like several of the new episodes this season for example i loved the secret santa s6 ep 12,michael dating pams mum arc was very funny,s 6 ep 6 has one of the funniest lines in the shows history when oscar says "the coalition of the sane is weak "however one thing which i believe has changed the dynamic of the show was when they turned jim into a co manager in my eyes it has taken away jim and pams ability to play pranks on dwight which were a great part of the show their dynamic has changed because of jims promotion to a nothing title like dwights assistant manager from the first couple of seasonsi understand some people say pam has become cynical and cold since her art school dream went under and for the most part i agree i feel they should move her character back a little from the edge without losing some of the maturity she has developed through her relationship and the realization that her dream might not come true she has become a fraction too bittersteve carell as always is very funny even though there was one episode which i felt was very sad and disturbing micheal scotts tots episode had its funny moments however the horrible thing micheal did to those kids was unbelievable even for him i know its not real but wow it has really but micheals character into total ahole status. I have an idea for how to make the show funny next season when pam hopefully returns from maternity leave she can become the best salesperson at sabre beating dwight so he starts a personal crusade to win back the title of best salesperson using schemes and trickery to win

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