Recap: "I'm Not Wearing That Girl's Leotard!"

Traveling to Bucharest, Romania is more than a hop, skip and a jump when team members are told to walk like an Olympian and become world class gymnasts. But when they arrive in Transylvania, sibling tension shifted teams and someone deserved to have his neck bitten off. On to the recap for more on this batty tale.

Destination: Bucharest, Romania

Last week's winning team, Tammy and Victor, are first to depart Mozart's birthplace of Salzburg, Austria at 10:13 am. All teams are to travel by train to Munich, then fly over 700 miles to Bucharest. With a decent head start, the sibling lawyers stop off at a travel agency to make reservations for a 4:45 pm flight. It's still early in the afternoon and all seems to be going well as they catch a break while waiting standby and board an earlier flight. But the luck they start with soon turns around and sets the tone for the day when the plane must make an emergency stop. Returning to Munich, they miss the 4:45 flight and leave on a 9:30 with the stuntmen, the sisters, and the blondes.

On the train to the Munich airport, Amanda and Kris got help from a man who doubts that they can make the 4:45. But they convince him they are fast enough to do it. And they prove that they are. Brad and Victoria also get assistance aboard the train, and when they are also told they can't make the 4:45 flight, they give it a try but fail. Opting not to take the 9:30 flight with the others, they sign on for a 7:30 flight by way of Amsterdam. It sounds good on paper until they miss their connecting flight. This sets Brad and Victoria so far behind that we finally see them boarding the connecting plane when the other teams are finishing the Road Block.

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