Review: 'Parks and Recreation'- 'Sweetums' Season 2, Episode 15

I have no idea why, out of all the controversies in the world right now, that the folks at 'Parks and Recreation' decided to tackle corn syrup, but I loved it. This was actually a well-done episode about something that many people consider to be a problem: companies taking over vending machines in places like schools and other public places. Even though it actually had a bit of a message, it still managed to be hilarious.

Leslie is kind of everybody's mom: whether it's not letting Ron drink and drive (drinking and harp assembly is another matter entirely), or helping Anne educate Pawnee about the dangers of kids becoming fat, happy and docile by shoving high-fructose corn syrup bars into their gaping maws.She's just trying to make her little part of the world a better place, and it's endearing.

Also endearing is how nice the people of Pawnee are. Speaking as someone who moves at least once a year, it has never been as easy for me to get help moving as it was for Tom, even though I have the decency to pack up my pocket squares in safe and secure packaging before my helpers come over. I understand that it must suck for Mark to have a truck, because he's constantly getting roped into things like this, but that's why he should just do what my dad does. Toss the keys at whomever needs to use the truck and tell them to have a nice day.

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