Supernatural 5.13 "The Song Remains the Same" Review

Ah, Zeppelin titles. Season 2 had "In My Time of Dying," "Houses of the Holy," and "What Is And What Should Never Be." All great episodes. Okay, I wasn't the hugest fan of "Houses," but it brought us the Holy Pole of God, and who can't be thankful for that? Then came "When the Levee Breaks." Great song, not such a great episode. But the thing is, the Zeppelin titles tend to reflect the events of their respective episodes moreso than any of the manufactured names. [Confession: I think 'Ventilator Blues' would have been a better choice for 2.01, but I've always been more of a Stones girl.] Tonight's episode was no exception.

By my count, the song remained the same in five different ways:

1) The anvils. Good lord. As if I didn't already understand that young!John was a complete 180 from Jeffery Dean Morgan!John, I had to be slapped over the head for five minutes during the horribly awkward conversation with Sam in which Daddy laments how fucked up he will make his children. I get that Mary's death changed everything, I do. But good lord, it musta taken a whole lot of tequila and guilt to turn naive, holistic young Johnny Boy into Daddy Winchester. I was willing to deal with the characterization in "In the Beginning" because he was lovestruck, covering up his crippling PTSD, yadda yadda. But the man was a Marine! In Vietnam! Growing up hunting monsters doesn't exactly seem very far down on the "Fucked Up and Deserving Righteous Indignation" scale for John Winchester, even one unexposed to monsters. And guilty Sammy was just so overwhelmed by emooooootion! It came off as manufactured and self-conscious, not organic and genuine. Dean's conversation with Mary was a bit less hackneyed, but I still could have done without it.

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Feb 7, 2010 2:48AM EST

I love Led Zep and i love how Supernatural plays around wit it, along with so many other classic bands :D

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