Oscar Movie Preview: Waltz With Bashir For Best Foreign Film

Since it can often be hard to see some of the Oscar-nominated foreign films in theaters, it's nice to get a taste of them before Oscar night not to mention it might help you when you fill out your Oscar ballot. So today I'm posting a trailer for a foreign film nominee that I'm very curious about: Waltz With Bashir.

This animated movie comes from the mind of Israeli filmmaker Ari Folman and is an autobiographical account of life during wartime. According to one reviewer, the movie "uses animation as a way to face memories that might otherwise be unbearable, or even irretrievable. In its own distinct way, the movie makes serious, political use of the freeing possibilities of animation - the way the striking Persepolis did last year."

The dramatic, tragic story follows an 1982 Israeli Lebanon War veteran who begins to recover lost memories of his role in a massacre of Palestinian civilians inside a refugee camp. Add to that some stunning animation and you've got a riveting, powerful movie. To check out the trailer for yourself, read more.

To Watch the Trailer Click Here.


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