'Big Brother' instant react: So much happened, so little happened

So much - and, when you really think about it, so little - happened in tonight’s episode of Big Brother, which saw a hard-fought, intense Veto Competition; the season’s second coming of Pandora’s Box; the return of a familiar face; one rather silly sabotage; and one of Brendon’s nominees (Ragan or Lane) go off the block. (SPOILER ALERT: Don’t read on if you haven’t watched tonight’s episode.)

I suppose the biggest news of the night was the fact that Brendon opened Pandora’s Box, allowing Rachel to return to terrorize the house for 24 hours. But going back to my opening line of this post, which cited the “so little” that happened, her haphazard presence really only coalesced into what seemed like a welcome bit of nuttiness - and a series of screaming matches between her and Ragan, who wasn’t having any of her fire-red crazy. When she opened the door (“Hahaha, I’m back, b - es!”), no one seemed too surprised - or excited to see her. “When I saw Rachel walk through that door,” the ever-sound bitey Britney said in the Diary Room, “I wanted to throw up all over myself.” Ragan was much more public with his disgust: “Why don’t you get us a drink Ra-tress?” he said in front of the rest of the House Guests, referencing her Rachel Uchitel-ish-ness.

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