Review: The Switch

When I heard about The Switch, a romantic comedy starring Jennifer Aniston as a Manhattan singleton who decides to get pregnant on her own, I confess that I had no desire to see it. I'd already been through Jennifer Lopez in The Back-Up Plan, and frankly, one screwball sperm-donor chick flick per year seemed more than enough. But The Switch is a pleasant surprise. It's a by-the-numbers movie, but the dots that get connected feel fresh. Aniston, playing a forward-thinking lonely girl, is at her most sexy and charming - and no, I'm not saying that to be nice, I'm saying it because she's sexy and charming, dammit. Why all the Internet brickbats toward this woman? A lot of her movies (such as The Bounty Hunter) are crap, but that has more to do with the current state of the romantic comedy than it does with her willowy and buoyant middle-class appeal.

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