Woman on the Verge

"And who am I? That's one secret I'll never tell. You know you love me. xoxo Gossip Girl"

After last episodes shock 'I killed a man' moment. I was definitely hoping for a quick and efficient tie up for that storyline. Thank God we didn't have to wait long.

Serena's deep dark secret came out this episode as we find out that she 'killed a man' by handing him his own drugs, which turned out to be a bad batch. (Good thing she didn't partake first.)

Blair is amazing, supportive and when there is no more she can do is even willing to take on Ms. Van Der Woodsen (Soon to be Bass if she can keep her tongue out of Dan's dads mouth) who makes Serena confront and get past her residual guilt.

Georgina however, hearing that the secret is out, decides that 'all bets are off' and pursues Dan further. The episode ending with a rather intense kiss before the two take off down the street. Serena having earlier told Dan that she had cheated on him (ouch!) in order to keep him from finding out the truth.

All considered this was a fairly slow episode, tying up allot of loose ends the highlight being that we finally know why Serena got on that train.

So what do you think?3

Will Dan sleep with Georgina or does he belong on that pedistool he keeps putting Serena on?

Will we be hearing wedding bells soon or is Humphry the sirname Lilly would prefer?

And what secrets will Gossip Girl be sharing with us next time?


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