With surprising extras

That ending really is surprising! I expected everything - and I mean it - but not this. And what makes it even more stunning and breath-taking is, that all of the first three quarters of the film are so predictable, you could go for a 20 minutes walk in the park and still get the whole story.

Yet, it's never boring. Although you might already know what happens in the next three scenes, the performance of the actors - especially Nicholas Cage and Alison Lohman - and the movie's general outline are so good -- you just can't switch the channel.

Furthermore, the heavy focus of the film on the relationship between Roy and Angela in combination with their acting skills gives this movie a totally different "shade" than the normal - I'd call it - "cool" gangster comedy. It makes it much more appealing as it has a quality most of those films lack.

The soundtrack as well is suprising. It's a multicoloured mixture of all sorts of different jazz, swing, lounge and salsa pieces with even some french music; all very nicely arranged in the background like a constant 1930s party going on just next door. Still very adequate for this film.

To sum it up: It's a romantic gangster comedy with old tradition an lots of new ideas. Definitely worth a try.


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