You surely have heard of Johnny Cash, country singer and songwriter. He was one of the biggest stars of the 20th century and one of its greatest mysteries as well. His music has and is still moving thousands from all around the globe. And this movie tells his story.

One of the incredible things about this film is, that when it comes to performing on stage (and it often does throughout the movie), Joaquin Phoenix and Reese Witherspoon aren't dubbed with the original voices of Johnny Cash and June Carter - they sing the songs all on their own - and it sounds terrific. Even for as big big a fan of the two as I am.

But also the movie's story is very moving as it follows J.R.'s whole carreer; from his love for music in his childhood over his first attempts at the Navy and his beginnings to his greatest moments. But at the same time it also features his private life - his first marriage and his affair with and love for June.

But throughout the movie, the good moments never outwheigh the bad ones. This film is honest. It does no only portray the light and glorious hours of a shining star, but instead it also draws the picture of a man who lost his way and is trapped between what he is and what his heart tells him to be.

It is a true story. As touching and honest as only life itself can be. One might say: Reality simply writes the best stories. And it seems like it also makes the best movies.


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