'Jon and Kate Plus 8': Kate's Ratings High and Jon's Drunken Low

It looks as though the majority of viewers still can't get enough of Kate Gosselin, as opposed to how fed up they are with her ex-husband. Word has it that the reality TV mom scored stellar ratings for TLC with the premiere of Kate Plus 8. But that's nothing compared to the attention that Jon Gosselin received for his new video.

Associated Content reports that the series premiere of Kate Plus 8, featuring the Gosselins minus its patriarch, hauled in plenty of success. The specials exceeded 3 million viewers each - 3.4 million for "6th Birthday Surprise" at 9pm and 3 million for "Inside Kate's World" at 10pm.

But according to EW.com, these two episodes aren't what TLC has in store this fall. The new series Twist of Kate will be airing then, featuring the mom of eight traveling the country to walk a mile in the shoes of families she meets. As for Kate Plus 8, a new installment will air on July 11.

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