Definitely not one of those boring shoot-out films

There is only one adjective to describe this movie adequately: convincing.

At its beginning, I was a bit sceptical. The filming was very hectical, the story seemed to be clear and I didn't like those blending techniques that were used. But I like Dakota Fanning, she always played in good movies, so I decided to stay tuned for a little longer - and it turned out to be the right decision.

This movie will take you with it. It will rouse your feelings. Dakota knows how to enchant you, and when she gets abducted, you wish you were there and had a gun...

And Denzel Washington is the right man for the job to take revenge on the kidnappers. In the first part of the movie, he always seems a little out of place, but that proves to be just alright, when you see how well he fits into the second part. And in the last scene, you know: there couldn't have been anybody else.

Everything that feels disturbing in the first part, gets its rightful place in the second. Even those hectical cuts I dislike, just feel perfectly well fit in the second half of the film. This is surely an elaborate, stirring portrayal of Mexico City. I wouldn't want to miss it.


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