One Tree Hill Episode Season 7, Episode 10: "You Are a Runner and I am My Father's Son" - Recap

This week's episode was quite the downer. Millicent's cocaine habit kicked in, Nathan and Clay both lost their jobs and Brooke gave Julian some devastating news.

The Bobcats have signed a new point guard, leaving Nathan without a contract and a team. Saying he's pissed at Clay is an understatement. As Nate confronts his agent, who hasn't even heard the signing news yet, Quinn walks in the room, which only makes things worse. Nathan had made it clear that Clay should stay away from Haley's sister; the fact that he couldn't do the two things Nathan asked of him leads him to give him the axe.

It didn't take long before Millicent's pill-popping turned into a full-blown drug problem. The signs are obvious and between her staying up all night and being overly hyper and bitchy, Alex and Mouth soon figure out what's up. But Millicent burns some major bridges on her way down the spiral. She gets an agent and demands Brooke pays her $500,000 as the Clothes Over Bros spokesmodel. Brooke calls her an ungrateful employee and Millie shoots back, "No, I'm an ungrateful model... and that costs more." She even pushes Mouth away when he gets home to find Millie in the bathroom with some model-chick and then sees a rolled-up dollar bill on the floor. And the piece de resistance? White powder. You'd think she'd at least try to hide it. Just as Millicent is denying Mouth's accusations and telling him he's threatened by her newfound fame, blood begins to drip from her nose. Mouth walks out.

Tensions are high between Haley and her sister, Quinn, as Haley is upset with Clay and Quinn thinks Nathan was wrong for firing him. She tries to make her sister understand that Clay held out for a better deal because he thought Nathan was worth more. But Haley can't help but tell her big sister she no longer looks up to her. Meanwhile, Dan finds Clay on the beach and yells at him. "A lifetime spent chasing a dream and you piss it all away," he says. Dan then starts to strangle Clay, dunks him in and out of the water, and tells him to go wear a suit. When Dan finally leaves him alone, Quinn can't help but laugh at what's happened and at least lightens the mood with her beau. She then tells him that she moved out of the Scott house but when Clay tells her she can stay with him, Quinn tells him she can't.

Brooke, who was upset with Julian for being at Alex's beck and call, comes home to roses. She had told Julian earlier that she thought she was pregnant and so he says, "When we do get pregnant, that's going to be a great day and I'll be more than OK with it." But then Brooke drops the bomb we've all been waiting for she can't have children. She's devastated, but Julian assures her it's OK because he loves her and that's all that matters. Can't the producers ever let Brooke catch a break?

Later that night, Millicent and Alex drown their sorrows over alcohol. After numerous shots, Millie is about to get a cab when Alex pulls car keys out. As they walk out the door, Victoria Davis, who's back in town, anonymously reports that there's a drunk driver. Looks like Millicent will get a hard dose of reality. After being pulled over, and subsequently taken to jail, Millie calls up Brooke to tell her she's in trouble. "I can't help you," Brooke says before hanging up.

Some humorous lines that deserve mentioning:

-Brooke tells Victoria that somehow Millie has an agent and so Victoria says, "Well, so do those Spencer and Heidi people, go figure."

-Brooke fed up with Alex: "This bitch has been a pain in my little perfect Pilates ass."

-Chase introducing himself to Victoria as Brooke's former lover: "Yes, for about 30 seconds, from what I've heard."

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Nov 17, 2009 4:49PM EST

The Davis women are so witty.......

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Nov 18, 2009 8:08PM EST

I AM GUTTED THAT BROOKE CAN'T PREGNANT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!SHE ALWAYS WANTED TO BE A MUM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!HOW COULD THE OTH PRODUCERS DO THIS HER??????????????????

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Nov 23, 2009 2:54AM EST

I agree alwaysandforever!
But mostly i feel bad for Clay and Julian. Clay's character is open to so many interpretations! I love the complex, brooding types but Robert Buckley brings in something extra! Quinn should really try using her facial expressions instead of speaking like a child in first grade whos trying to bring back to memory a poem she has to recite in a room full of people.Julian drops everything to be with Brooke,but i somehow feel that Brooke takes Julian for granted.She tries to cut him out of her life when it comes to hr clothing line or Victoria and Milli, or even when she finds out that she can't be pregnant. I love Brooke but somehow she has lost the carefree energy that i loved so much in the previous seasons.With age comes responsibility but the person's identity doesn't get lost!
Nathan should not have fired Clay. And Haley should stop being so bitchy!
Overall. i love season 7. its like coming up for fresh air with no peyton and lucas, and their harem of drama!

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