Recap: Top 7 Perform

The remaining contestants take a shot at singing songs from the cinema with help from the ever-spazzy movie director Quentin Tarantino as their mentor.

You may be asking yourselves, how is Quentin Tarantino qualified to be a musical mentor? I have no answers for you, my friends, but I think this will either be extremely entertaining or quite painful to watch. Remember when he visited Idol as a guest judge (and ripped Diana DeGarmo a new one?). Well, that seemed a bit less weird...everyone is allowed an opinion about these performances. But now he's giving the singers advice before they perform their songs? Eek!

(P.S. How awesome would it be if the Idols all came out dressed like Tarantino's movie characters: Gogo, The Bride, Vincent Vega or Mia Wallace - complete with syringe in chest?)

At the top of the show, Ryan announces that because the judges talked too much (actually, he accused the girls of talking too much), only two judges would get to critique each performance. Why does this make me smile?

After Quentin Tarantino is introduced as a renegade filmmaker who has changed filmmaking forever, Ryan's voiceover tells us that music has been an integral part of his films. The Idols meet up with him on a movie music recording stage to have their one on-one-time with this wonderfully talented musical legend music aficionado.

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