Everybody run, they're coming!

And they resurrect the dead!

Yes, you heard right, the aliens from outer space are planning their invasion. It's Plan 9 (Plan 1 to 8 didn't work out so well, but this is Plan 9, the one that can't fail) and it's from outer space. They resurrect the dead, to terrify the living. From outer space. They must do that, because the humans are just too evil minded. They would use the solar bomb (Well, that's practically a bomb destroying everything, you know. Works on light rays and stuff) to destroy the universe. So they must be destroyed themselves. From Outer Space. By resurrecting the dead. Did I mention, they were aliens in saucers? From outer space?

Well, that's practically the outline of this gorgeous, fantastic movie. Well, it hasn't got the best actors, it hasn't got the special effects of todays blockbusters, it hasn't got a sensible script or even meaningful dialogs.

No, what makes this movie so impressive, so intoxicating, so inspiring is simlply that it is pure trash. It makes you laugh, giggle, chuckle and roar.

I definitely recommend you to watch this movie - and if it's only because it's movie history - and best do so with some friends. Nothing is better than figuring out all those little details that make the film so uniquely - trashy!


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