Still improving

Well, the first HP movie was pretty disappointing, yet while the second is like an improved version of the first, the third one really changed my opinion on the whole subject.

So yesterday, I decided to take a look at this one, to see if they impoved further - and I must say: They did!

Not only have the special effects been enhanced, also the actors have become much more experienced and now you can find none of those awkward moments anymore, where you think you accidentially stepped into a middle school Shakespear presentation of minor quality.

And also, I think they did a fairly good job on cutting the book down to 3 hours. Of course there are those moments when some bigger parts are missing, but I for myself only figured out two, where the movie looks a bit awkward:

That's first, the two goblet-scenes: First Fred and George trying to enter their names into the goblet and then, without any break the scene where Dumbledore announces the Champions.

Well for my taste, this whole thing was cut way too fast. There should have been a break of some kind between the two scenes and also the whole election scene should have been throttled a bit to build up more suspense. Because it looked much more like a speed run of some mediocre console game than a central plot point...

And second, the whole love-story of Harry and Cho Chang. In the book, this plays a central role and you get really sucked into the subject, you can feel everything Harry is feeling. In the film it's more like a side story that's accidentially slipped into the final cut.

And there's one more thing I found really disturbing about the movie: Victor Krum

In my opinion, Stanislav Ianevski was totally miscast. Not because of his acting skills, they're sufficient. No, but because he looks too much like an East German Bully from Hell than a skilled wizard. I always imagined him looking more like his headmaster, with shoulder-long hair and angular facial features. But, I admit, that's my personal opinion and his role isn't that major, so you get used to it.

All in all, I found the movie very convincing and intoxicating. If you liked one of it's predecessors or enjoyed reading the book, it's definitely worth watching. Just don't focus too much on those few small drawbacks.


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