The essence of Spiderman

I didn't go to the movies to see this film, I just watched it on DVD. I had seen the first Spiderman in the theatres and it was pretty good, but not good enough to make me want to see any sequels (I watched part two on televison...) and Marvel Comics did quite some heavy filming around that time anyways, so if you wanted to see some comic on the big screen, there was plenty of material available - most of which was of pretty much the same quality as the first and second Spidey Movie. So I started this film with almost no expectations at all except for having a nice relaxed evening with some mediocre comic sequel on my small telly set and some noodles and chocolate.

Well was I disappointed...

Until yesterday, if I thought of Spiderman, I always first remembered the animated television series I used to watch as a child. I was so into that guy, bashing all those bad guys and dealing with all the villains and their technology. I just loved the whole DNA, mutation, plasma, radiation stuff - a boy's dream. And only after that I thought of the two movies, which were to me nothing but a shortened, modernized version of the series, which had made some good approaches in trying to refine the story and make it more ... you could say, human, but had failed in seeing that through to the end.

From now on, when I hear Spiderman, I'll first think of this film.

What the first two movies didn't quite finish - this one does. What the first two lacked - this one has it. What the first two did good - this one does it better.

This movie is just awsome, it has got everything you could only wish for and even some more you wouldn't have dreamt of. Its CGI is eye-splattering and its soundtrack is ear-bursting.

And I can't even start to talk about its story...

The first two movies tried to focus more and more on Peter's moral conflict and failed - this film IS that conflict. The story is so ingeniously structured, it reflects his inner development from loved boyfriend and adored hero to lonley and self-absorbed ego-maniac in the main plot and is at the same time able to construct two more plots - and all that without you even noticing.

It leaves you guessing how he's gonna manage all that has gone wrong, how he's gonna turn all those things back to good. And it leaves all your guessings to be revealed as wrong.

It makes you jump from the one plot to the other, it makes you jump from one side to the other, it makes your heart jump.

It's just one incredible movie - the best of Spiderman and under the best of comic adaptions. It even made me write this review right after watching it, although I'm pretty tired already...

I can only recommend you this film. If you want big big cinema go and get it.



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Aug 12, 2008 5:46PM EDT

Let me get this right. You really enjoyed this film? In my opinion, this whole trilogy has been a mockery of what the whole animated series (which is what I loved and grew up with) was about. I went out the first night it was out, and I got a chance to see it on the big screen and if it weren't for the high priced ticket, I would have left that movie theatre half-way through it. The plot makes no sense, especially when they try to put together three villains like green goblin, sandman and venom. The one scene that frustrated me probably the most was when Venom was scaling the walls while proposing a deal to kill spider-man with sandman, when Venom didn't even want the help of his own OFFSPRING to kill Spider-Man. As a matter of fact, he tried to KILL Carnage because Carnage tried to kill Spider-man before he could. The characters don't fit their TRUE forms. In fact, I don't even like the castings of Tobey Mcguire as Spider-man and "that guy from 'That 70's show'" as Eddie Brock aka Venom. Come ON! That guy doesn't bring out the qualities that Venom possessed in the cartoon series. For example, he doesn't portray the insanity, the anger, the total and utter confusion or CHAOS that is truly needed to play Venom. I don't want to be ALL negative, the special effects, or CGI, was pretty good! Back to the negatives, PETER PARKER wasn't really a Tobey Mcguire type of guy. Peter was instead of the traditional "geek", where he's skinny with thick framed glasses. He was more of a "geek" trapped in a well-built body. The scenes didn't even make sense either. They were just too random and had nothing to do with anything. Why is it that Spider-Man kills venom with some stupid trick rather than him sending the symbiote off to space on a spaceship. This trilogy sucked and I'm pissed that people think it was awesome! If I were ever blessed to get into the movie making business, or had the money to be able to make a movie, I would re-make the spider-man trilogy, BETTER than this garbage. Now "The Dark Knight", THAT was a good movie, and there's no getting around that!

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Jun 7, 2016 4:58PM EDT

not gonna write much cause this movie doesnt deserve it. Basically, oyu wanna torture me - tie me to a chair and make me watch it; you wanna kill me - tie me to a chair and make me watch the ENTIRE TRIOLOGY!!ever heard of CRUEL and UNUSUAL PUNISHMENT? that would be it.could stand the 1st, but the 2nd one was just deadly to watch.Anyone who grew up watching the animated series cant be too pleased with this childish hollywood version of Spideys story.

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