'Parenthood' - 'Rubber Band Ball' Episode 8 Recap

First of all, a big Woot! that 'Parenthood' was picked up for a second season. That's awesome! And second, many thanks to Danny Gallagher for allowing me to take over the reviews on this show. Not only do I love it, but my daughter does, too, so it's always fun to watch stuff together.

This episode is probably my favorite so far, because the issue of trust went a long way with various characters. Things were said that probably weren't all that easy for the person saying them, but in the long run, it helped to glue the family together even more, and also forge a lasting relationship with another family.

Let's talk about Sarah's apology to Amber for going out with her teacher. In the comments last week, Erica H. mentioned that she didn't like the fact that Sarah told Amber about the relationship right before the SATs. I totally agree, Erica - it was a dumb move on Sarah's part. That's one reason I love 'Parenthood' -- it doesn't claim to have perfect characters, and parents make mistakes, too.

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