'Glee': 'Don't Rain on My Parade' and 'You Can't Always Get What You Want' rock the 'Glee' finale

It's the "Glee" fall finale, and we've finally made it to Sectionals! The show will sadly be disappearing until April, but they left us with some great numbers to watch and re-watch in the meantime. And as an added bonus, everything pregnancy-related is out in the open. Finally.

No more secrets, please?: Rachel, who is "a little psychic," figures out the Puck/Finn/Quinn situation, and though the rest of the club has a full-on conspiracy of silence for fear Finn will quit the club and kill their chances at Sectionals if he finds out (worst friends ever?), Rachel has no such qualms. So basically, she'd rather have Finn than win at Sectionals. Fair enough. As she later admits to Quinn, her motives were selfish, so I'm not giving her much credit for doing the right thing.

Sectionals!: So, Glee Club and substitute director Emma are headed to Sectionals without Will or Finn, and they'll be performing third and last. And as Sue also arranged, the other schools completely rip off their set list, performing a killer rendition of "And I Am Telling You," a...rendition of "Proud Mary" in wheelchairs (yeah, I'm still a little unsure about that one), and what may be the worst rendition ever of "Don't Stop Believing." Though to be fair, the singers were deaf, so I guess I'm impressed that they kept it together at all.

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