"Rusty Butter Knife: The Series" would have fit better

I really loved the first Blade movie. It's - in my opinion - the best movie adaption of a comic ever made. I just dig the gloomy, apocalyptic atmosphere of it and its story is just ultimately engrossing.

Of course the two movie sequels couldn't compete with that. And so can't this series.

But the difference between those two films and "Blade: The Series" is, that whilst the movies were still pretty entertaining and professionally made, the series is just lousy...

It has none of the feeling of the original Blade, it's bare, brutal action with no sense for real mystery. The character of Blade degenerated to a Steven Seagal clone of mediocre quality -- not to mention that Kirk "Sticky" Jones is, at best, only half as good as Wesley Snipes...

If you liked Blade, my advice for you is: Better spare yourself the disappointment of watching this bad spin-off.


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