Not just some ordinary children's series

Normally I don't like animes. Normally I only watch childrens' series to eigher have a good laugh or to pass the time when nothing better is on the air. Normally.

But this series is different from the standard anime and it's different from the normal children' series.

It's not one long-drawn plot and all wasting hours of time with worthless moving snap-shots and overly dramatic background music; it's not the same bad guys returning from death again each season; it's not about gaining greater and ever greater powers each time a new villain comes up; it's not iterant at all.

But it's also not about fairies or all non-violent, relationship-focused, hormone-driven teenager stories.

It's an animated childrens' series with the story and characters as from an excellent, mature television series. It may be about kids, but it definitely has the quality to enchant any grown-up.

Seriously - it's even better than some "serious" series with real actors!

At first I didn't believe this myself, but after only two episodes, I had already become a fan. Because - for the first time since my childhood I have been watching an animated series like that: Greedy, wholeheartedly, without wanting to wait for the next episode.

One can only hope, there will be more stuff like that...


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