'The Big C' - 'Summertime' Recap Episode 2

Showtime is no stranger to T&A -- this is cable, after all -- but has nudity ever been so tasteful on a subscription channel? This week's 'The Big C' focused primarily on body image (as well as obnoxious teenagers), and how great was it to see Laura Linney so comfortable in her own skin?

Let's face it, at one time or another, we've probably all felt like practice dummies (or worse, cadavers) under a doctor's hands, and a disease like cancer, that ravages a body from the inside out, is sure to cause no end of self-loathing. Who doesn't wish that they could be as bold as Cathy in whipping out the goodies for hunky Dr. Todd? Let alone wishing for such an appreciative response ...

Despite her "awesome rack" and the boyish admiration of a licensed medical professional, it's obvious that Cathy is feeling self-conscious about her appearance and the effect her disease will have on it -- from the scar on her back to the wrinkles she'll never be old enough to have. As much as she obviously fears the loss of her vitality and youth, it seems that Cathy's equally conscious of the time she'll miss, no longer able to foresee a future where she can grow old and spend limitless time with her son.

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