Chelsea Handler Learns That Eli Roth's Girlfriend Peaches Geldof Is NOT a Stripper (VIDEO)

"Peaches" might be the most stripper-y name of all time. (The second most stripper-y name -- in the opinion of this 'TV Squad' writer -- is this: "Cinnamon." But you guys might have different picks for the best stripper names, and feel free to leave your selections in the comment section.)

Anyway, actor and director Eli Roth appeared on 'Chelsea Lately' (weeknights, 11PM ET on E!). While he was on the show, Eli and Chelsea Handler discussed the topic of Mr. Roth's new girlfriend -- a woman by the name of Peaches Geldof. ... Chelsea confessed that merely based on the name, she had assumed that Peaches was a stripper when they met for the first time.

"When you said 'Peaches,' I thought she was a stripper," Chelsea said. "And I kind of felt bad because I felt like I almost treated her like a stripper." Eli Roth then defended the honor of his girlfriend, pointing out that she's an accomplished journalist and filmmaker -- and not an exotic dancer.

Fair enough. However, a simple Google search for the name "Peaches Geldof" reveals that she's a fairly scandal-ridden young lady. She's been accused of doing heroin, been accused of taking naked photos, been accused of having a one-night sex scandal, and so on and so forth. ... So maybe dating a stripper might actually be a little less trouble? We're not advising you either way here, Mr. Roth. We're just throwing the suggestion out there.

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