Recap Dawson's Creek: Season 5, Episode 18 - Cigarette Burns

All right, time is money people, and I have neither. So we're going to try something new this week: Dawson's Creek in 5 minutes or less. GO! Joey gets teary over Dawson's latest film; he's insecure but pleased. Pacey & Audrey make out and he asks the taboo question: how many men have you... she won't tell. He says seven for him, women not men, or so I choose to assume. Dawson and Jen agree that it's okay to feel weird around each other. Audrey fishes for compliments from Joey and asks her for advice about Pacey's question. Joey sings a rousing chorus of "Honestly Is The Best Policy Except When It's Not." Big help Joey. Dawson prepares for his screening and spars with a hotty who he learns is a film critic who likes Keanu Reeves - I knew there had to be one. Grams has a boyfriend who identifies Jack as "the homosexual" but not in a bad way (all involved in the scene are shocked) about the boyfriend, not the homosexual. Film boy Oliver hits on Jen; she resists but he's getting through.

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