Is a Camera Crew Better at Parenting Than Kate Gosselin? (VIDEO)

Is it a bad sign when kids seem more excited about hanging out with a camera crew ... than with their own mother? That's the question on 'Kate Plus 8' (Wed., 9PM ET on TLC). For the first time in six months, the show's production crew is back, and the Gosselin kids seem really happy to seem them. So happy ... that it raises a few questions. Like, is Kate Gosselin paying enough attention to her own children?

The little Gosselins seem fantastically excited to have the film crew back; because the film crew actually spends a lot of time hanging out with them. Meanwhile, Kate has received criticism for spending time away from her family -- including a stint on 'Dancing With the Stars' that separated her from the kids. Ms. Gosselin has also been investigated by the state of Pennsylvania concerning possible child labor law violations -- which relate to having her children on TV all of the time.

Do you think Kate is being a good mom? Do you approve? Is she just doing the best that she can?

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