Getting a 'Flash Forward' From Dominic Monaghan

Going from Lost to FlashForward seems like some bizarre future jump for actor Dominic Monaghan, who jumped from one ABC show to another. Still, he'll be playing an entirely different character now and we're all excited to see him rise to the challenge.

On an interview with Movieline, the 32-year-old star discussed his role on the hit new series and how he got involved in it. The network's definitely been keeping him around for longer than we expected, and we can only thank them for that.

Being an English actor, he realized at first that the script for Flash Forward might not have a role fit for him. "Every [character] felt very American to me, and I wasn't sure at this particular point I wanted to play an American, week-in and week-out," he said. Still, he wanted to push through with the project. His agent contacted the show's execs David and Jessica Goyer, and it started with a pitch.

"Essentially, I sat down with them and they said, "What do you want to do next?" Which is one of the greatest things to hear as an actor, you know. I said, "It's very important for me to play a character different from the character I'm probably most known for in America, which is Charlie on Lost."

Monaghan explained how he wanted his new character to be like. "We broke down the essential things I wanted to do with the character: to play someone more dynamic and grown-up, someone who's more proactive as opposed to reactive, to be more of a man than someone who's becoming a man. And they said, "We can do that.""

Introducing his character Simon, the actor went on: "Simon is one of the smartest guys in the western world. [...] He's just one of those, in quotation marks, "brilliant guys," which brings with it all sorts of ramifications."

Being smart does have its consequences. "He's kind of obsessive-compulsive, he doesn't like to be touched, he has no way of interacting with humans on a level that makes sense," Monaghan said. "He lacks tact and diplomacy, he's incredibly impatient, and he likes very fast cars and fast women."

Well I think that's just enough reasons to watch more of Flash Forward. Dominic Monaghan's character sounds like a keeper.

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