THE GOOD GUYS ''Hunches and Heists'' Review Episode 7

Dan gets Jack to trust his gut with mixed results on the “Hunches and Heists” episode of THE GOOD GUYS. Dallas is on high alert for bank robberies, so most of the squad is searching for suspects, especially Walter, the recently paroled worst getaway driver in history, who has a history with Dan. Jack and Dan, meanwhile, are assigned to the break-in of a dry cleaner. The theft of five security uniforms used by Texas Federal Bank leads them to humiliate themselves by stopping a non-existent robbery, but later when all other cops are at a decoy heist, those missing uniforms direct them to the real crime scene. Only they know how right they were, but at least no one is calling them the cops who cried bank.

The opening scene of the Dallas Fox affiliate showing footage of Jack and Dan seemingly robbing Texas Federal Bank is hilarious, as is Anna’s dry “When Bailey and Stark get in, could you kill them for me” reaction. While the rest of the episode, other than the cemetery massacre, doesn’t quite live up to that, there are many choice moments. Dan Castellaneta is perfectly cast as Walter who yearns for the good old days even more than Dan and I love his chemistry with Bradley Whitford. Dan in a wife beater is comically disturbing, while Jack as Dan Jr. complete with barbecue sauce dribbles horrifyingly funny. I don’t want Dan and Jack to become too similar because I would miss moments like Dan explaining the value of hunches by saying “You’re always wrongest before you’re right” while Jack’s eyes glaze and his brow crinkles.

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