Recap Dawson's Creek: Season 5, Episode 21 - After Hours

Jack is studying full-force to pass his finals, but multi-variable calculus seems to be his downfall. When no one else can help him, he swallows his pride and asks the boys at the frat for help - slamming headlong into Blossom, king of the scumbags. He won't help, and Jack thinks it's over until he comes home and finds frat boy Eric (he of the sexual ambiguity) waiting to help him. Jack asks why he's helping him, and Eric he's doing it because Jack helped him.

Pacey and Audrey argue over what Alex really is. Audrey thinks that Alex wants Pacey, and he hedges and denies it. Later that night, Pacey offers to walk Alex home. They flirt. She later shows up at his apartment and makes a move on him that Audrey arrives just in time to see. He chases after her and tells her it didn't mean anything. Audrey is hurt and leaves. Pacey goes back the to apartment and finds Alex still there. She continues to hit on him and he gives in, but before they go very far Alex pulls away and says that they fact that they could have done it was enough - but really doing it would be inappropriate. She leaves and he calls Audrey who refuses to pick up the phone. They both look sad and alone.

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