America's Next Top Model: What We Can Learn From Erin's "Playing Dirty" Problem

The other night on America's Next Top Model, a show normally entrenched in mind-numbingly irrelevant issues like "to bleach or not bleach my eyebrows," a rare moment of true moral dilemma graced our screens in an unexpected place (Wal-Mart), during an unexpected challenge for 90-pound humans (a cut-throat relay race through that Wal-Mart).

During said race, Aryan Erin (she's been bleached to the moon, you see) let her inner line-backer come out and play, pushing and shoving and bruising the competition on her way to the Covergirl aisle. Then she proceeded to bruise their feelings too, purposely sabotaging another girl's chance of winning by hiding her golden ticket (her go-see photo), keeping her from crossing the finish line in time.

"Races don't have manners," Erin reasoned later.

Beyond the most obvious question about this situation (That would be, "What does a relay in Wal-Mart have to do with modeling?") another quandary presented itself last night. One that, SHOCKINGLY, Tyra never addressed within the hour of the show:

If dancing, smeyesing, interviewing, makeup-applying, 8-inch-heel-wearing, and tricking the camera into thinking you're taller are all parts of becoming America's Next Top Model (meaning, if you couldn't tell before, that this show is NOT about who has the purest modeling talent, but who has the "full package") and personality plays a major role in Tyra's judging and elimination process of said "full package," well, then shouldn't being a decent human being and not physically injuring your competition be part of it, too?

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Oct 6, 2009 10:22AM EDT

just finished watching this episode. glad someone pointed this out. the shoving and going through fellow runners are what i thought to be lowest. at the final part of the race where they've arrived at the photo booth, erin practically grabbed all (or a really thick stack) of those pictures and those that aren't hers she threw onto the floor. then when she found that ashley's was in her hands she did NOT let go of it. if u pay just enough attention, ashley's pic was crumbled and torn! (erin had gone for the finish line when ashley's pic was finally on the floor) personally, i like erin's look and the pictures she delivers. but to be so young (i think she's 18, if i'm not mistaken) and so very very competitive as to pull something like this on a national TV?!?!?! (or international!! i'm watching from hongkong, and people here love ANTM) if i were ashley i would go to nigel's wife and bitch about it... off-camera, of course.

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