Recap Dawson's Creek: Season 5, Episode 22 - The Abby

Jen and Jack plan their summer vacation and ultimately decide to go to Costa Rica, only to have Grams tell them that Jen's parents want her to spent the summer with them at their summer house. Jack tells Jen that she should really consider it when she tries to blow it off, but ultimately, she decides to tell them that she has other plans. They are a little relieved. Grams tells her that if her parents have found a way to love her, this won't be the last time they will be able to show it.

At Civilization Alex prepares the staff for an investors' meeting the next day. She is typically rude and condescending. The day of the investors' meeting, she fires a young mother because she finds a spot on a fork. Pacey stands up for the girl, but Alex won't listen. Later, when Alex signals for the food to be served to the patrons, they refuse to serve and Pacey reads a statement to the investors about Alex's incompetence and attitude. The staff backs him up. They offer the investors pizza and leave. Later on, Pacey checks to see if Alex is okay. She seems to be. But when Pacey's car won't start and Alex gives him a ride home, she goes over the edge about losing her job and starts speeding and driving recklessly. Pacey talks her down after a near fatal collision with another car and Alex thanks him for saving her life.

Dawson and Oliver are at school packing up when Dawson gets a phone call from his agent. He and Oliver go round and round but eventually make up. Dawson tells him that he should clear his summer plans.

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