Spinning and Turning

Do you know that feeling, when you listen to two arguing persons and the one you agree with is totally winning?

That's excactly what this film feels like. And it doesn't even matter whether you're pro- or anti-smoking.

Actually this film isn't about smoking at all, it's about talking. And Nick Naylor knows how to talk! He's "that guy that can get any girl ... on crack", the one with the "bachelors in kicking ass and taking names".

If you're ever accused of any crime, he's the one you'd want as your attorney. He could make the jury believe, they did it...

Yet this movie has an important message. It uncovers the techniques used in politics and the media to turn and spin the truth. Nick Naylor is just a placeholder for any official spokesman or representative in our manipulating world. It makes you see a lot of things with different eyes.

But throughout all this, it remains a witty and hilarious comedy. For me, it is the best social-critical satire since Bowling For Columbine.


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