Recap Dawson's Creek: Season 5, Episode 23 - Swan Song

Dawson is at the airport when he sees Joey. It is five years later. Dawson wants her back. She is engaged to an attorney. She tells him that he needs to move on and leaves. Dawson wakes up from the dream in a cold sweat.

Dawson, Joey and Audrey go out for their last night in Capeside. Audrey leaves them alone. Joey asks Dawson why he came to Florida. He tells her it was to tell her that he loved her. He tries to kiss her, and she freaks and leaves. Dawson is hurt. The next morning, Audrey and Dawson leave for the airport. Dawson leaves a note for Joey that Bessie later brings to Joey at the Yacht club. She reads it as Pacey, who is working as a security guard there, arrives. They decide to chase their loves.

At the airport Jen and Jack race to their flight; it's delayed. They meet up with Dawson and Audrey. When Jack sees frat brother Eric, the others make themselves scarce. Eric, it seems, went home to tell his parents that he was gay but chickened out. He reaches out to Jack, but Jack is cold to him.

Elsewhere, Dawson runs into Grams who is going to Vegas with her boyfriend. She tells him about Jen's parents. He confronts Jen, who goes to find Jack brooding about his actions with Eric. They discuss it and eventually Jen decides to go see her parents and Jack decides to help Eric if he can.

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