Stargate Universe 1.10 "Justice" Recap

The Set Up

After finding an other delicacy besides the slop the crew of the Destiny have been eating, it is revealed that Spencer has not reported for duty. Greer goes to Spencer's quarters to see what's up and finds Spencer's brains on the wall and Spencer dead on the bed.

Uh. Oh.

Greer phones in the death to Col. Young and Camile and when they get there, the arguing and finger pointing starts. Camile wants to know why Spencer even had access to a gun (hello, he's a military officer!!?!), but when Young declares that Spencer was trained to operate one, Camile states that Spencer was not stable and it could have been anyone else dead. Good point, Camile, but still.

But it is Greer who points out that without a gun found at the scene, how the hell can they rule this as a suicide? A-HAAA!!

The Mystery of the Fallen Soldier or A Few Good Men In Space

Rush wants to know if they have any suspects and points out that with Spencer's temper tantrums and pill popping induced antics, anyone and everyone had reason to split Spencer's wig. Scott makes it known to Rush that he's talking about one of their own and this is when Scott starts to piss me off tonight and we are only at the nine minute mark. After assuring Scott that he meant 'well' Rush tells Young to find the killer, pronto.

But Young, as only his psyche will let him do, turns the investigation over to Lt. Scott. His reasoning is because he is a likely candidate to have taken out Spencer as well. Young also tells everyone that they are looking for the 9mm handgun that was checked out under Spencer's name and is still M.I.A.; plus, the only people barred from a room search is Volker, Brody, Scott, Eli, Vanessa James, and Park since their alibis checked out. Now while we saw where half of those people were during the murder, it still is sloppy to think that because their alibis checked out that they should be ruled out as suspects. Hell, all of them could have been in on it. Franklin, everyone's favorite military hater, demands to be present for the search as does other people. As much as I don't care for Franklin, I can't help but side with him on this one.

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