Not the Best Spin-Off Ever

Well, it was a pretty exciting first episode... You knew the original CSI, you knew its style and techniques, its general outline and so forth, and then came CSI Miami, with its all new visual effects, its - well, how do you want to say this any different - its orange look and with its much bigger focus on action...

Yes, the first impression of this series was definitely great. None can deny that.

But unfortunately, the first impression isn't always the right one...

Yes, CSI Miami is still orange, it's still focused on action, and it still has some good visual effects. But it also still has the same old stories, the same old characters and even some new characters, which are so much stereotypically the same as the old ones, you wouldn't believe they are new, if you didn't already know.

The original CSI's assets - its ingenuity, its charm, its characters (which are actually developing and not only launching out cool-sounding slogans) - are CSI: Miami's weak spots.

So, until CSI: Miami is the only remaining television series on earth, there's not a snowball's chance in hell, I'll be watching that series again.


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