Californication Review: "Comings and Goings" Season 3, Episode 11

Lots of loose ends were tied up in the most recent episode of Californication, titled "Comings and Goings." Only one more week till the season finale - we're all wondering what's to come for Hank Moody and friends!

Girls are so fickle! Didn't Hank try to break up with flings Felicia, Jill and Jackie for multiple episodes with no luck? These were the most persistent flings ever, right? But all of a sudden, Richard Bates is back, fresh out of rehab, and it seems like they have all forgotten about Hank Moody. It sends the message that all different types of women are totally fickle in the romance department, trading one guy for the next - one day they're hot for teacher, and the next day, they're... well at least they're consistent! But weren't they all claiming to be in love with Hank just recently? It's all pretty convenient, isn't it?

You know that Hank was just so thrilled to find out that he'd be having lunch with all of those women with one common interest: ripping on Hank. But Hank would probably have preferred to be the butt of the jokes to having to hear Karen and Bates rehash their old romance! Would you blame Hank for being a little suspicious that Karen was so eager to jump in the sack after flirting with her old boyfriend all day?

Is this the end of Charlie and Marcy? They are so dysfunctional, but you've got to love them! Is anything funnier then a Charlie and Marcy fight? Whatever happens in their romantic relationship, we really hope that we continue to see both Charlie and Marcy in future Californication story lines!

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