Grey's Anatomy Episode Recap: "The Time Warp" Season 6, Episode 15

This week's episode of Grey's Anatomy flashes back to a time when Miranda was still an intern, Callie was getting it on with different doctors and Richard Webber was just a resident alongside the infamous Ellis Grey. Through these stories, the residents at Seattle Grace learn what it truly means to be a doctor.

Hey all, Natalie Abrams here, recapping Grey's Anatomy this week since Adam is off taking a long cold shower after last episode's sex-a-thon. The Grey's flashback episode opens on Ben checking Bailey out in the mirror. The chemistry between them is quite cute, especially when she tells him to go away while trying to hide that Bailey blush.

Meanwhile, Dr. Webber's voice over (in place of the usual Meredith Grey) is actually coming from his AA meeting, where he's talking about how being a surgeon can really cause you to go insane. Callie understands this as she throws up before having to speak in front of the hospital that day. "Living on that high can eat them alive," Webber says on surgery, noting that a very few can make it through.

Richard returns to the hospital after being clean for 45 days, but his job isn't waiting for him like promised. Derek offers him a position as an attending general surgeon, but Richard initially declines. He does, however, stick around to give one last lecture.

First up in the lecture circuit is Miranda Bailey, who chucks Hershey's kisses at Yang to make sure she's paying attention. Her flashback takes us back to 2003, three days into her first year at the hospital. Bailey is a soft spoken intern with dreads and glasses, quite unlike the doctor we know today. Her resident, Dr. Nicole Baylow, isn't too happy about "Mandy" making her look bad in front of the Chief. In surgery, Mandy shows how important taking a patient's history is, once again showing Baylow up in the OR. "Listen you little moppet, you hang me out to dry like that in front of the Chief again and I will end you," the original Nazi says.

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