WEEDS ''Thwack'' Season 6 Premiere Review

Warning: This review contains spoilers for the episode. Read at your own risk.

WEEDS returns for its sixth season on Monday August 16 at 10pm eastern/ 9 central with the aptly titled Thwack episode, but I was lucky enough to see the episode at a screening recently. The action picks up right where the finale left off. Shane has bashed Pilar with a croquet mallet and she's floating lifelessly in the pool. Nancy wastes no time in getting Shane out of the party and grabbing Silas so they can head home and pack, grabbing any cash she can find, and luckily Lupita knows where a lot of it is. The Botwins are going on the lam.

Thwack is very much a transition episode. It was past time for Weeds to leave Esteban's world, and Shane becoming a sociopath is a logical way to make that happen. I love how unsurprised Andy was that Shane killed someone. A disbelieving Silas gets the lowdown from Shane while a drunken Nancy randomly packs and looks for cash. Silas has always been disappointed by his family, but that disappointment is now unabashed horror. Lupita wants to take the baby and run, but Nancy reminds her that If I make them, I take them. As Silas says, God help him. The not so merry band of travelers stop at Andy's to, in a nice nod to future guest star Richard Dreyfuss, get a bigger boat, and after Audra dumps Andy for abandoning her to her anti-abortionist stalker, he opts to go along for the ride.

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Dec 15, 2012 2:40AM EST

Shane sociopath say it ain't so, we the audience knew that. Andy joining the Botwin killer family on road trip of course. no the secondary story of the alternative faux ceilla Nancy does not need to be included and good bye Mexico story.

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