There's only one thing to say about this movie...

...and that's: Crazy!

This is definitely THE movie for erveryone who likes bizarre, overcoloured, drug-abusing, satirical semi-autobiographies!

If you're a slave to gonzo, you'll be adoring this movie. There is NO other movie I know that is so spaced out, so freaked out, so tremedously hilarious as this one.

If you haven't thought about taking drugs before, you'll definitely do so after you've watched this film.

Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas definitely is a candidate for "Movie of the Century", just as the underlying book with the same title is a candidate for "Novel of the Century".

Now, all I can tell you is: Watch it! Either you're gonna love it, or you're gonna despise it. If you fall into the latter category, all I can advise you is: Take some drugs, maybe you'll like it them. But if you're part of the first register, I strongly recommend you to read the book. Only then, you can understand this overwhealming, horrifying and at the same time addictive masterpiece.


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