SCOUNDRELS ''Who's Afraid of the Big Bad Wolf?'' Review Episode 8

The Who's Afraid of the Big Bad Wolf episode of SCOUNDRELS is all about loyalty and betrayal. Logan proves his loyalty by proving (with an assist from Hope) that Mack framed Wolf for the theft that landed him in prison, Cheryl loses friends and is forced to step back from her lingerie business because people think she snitched on a drug dealer, and Tanya double-crosses Cal by telling the police she lied about his alibi in the strip mall robbery after he balks at commitment. Heather betrays both common sense and herself by marrying Grant for his money, but the biggest knife in the back comes when Cheryl kisses and almost sleeps with Mack, then kisses him again even after she learns he planted the evidence.

That's quite the cozy final scene as Wolf and Logan walk in on Mack professing his love to Cheryl, with Hope lurking in the background. As far as season finale cliffhangers go, that's a good one, but given that a second season is far from a sure (or even likely, given the low ratings) thing, it might be a wasted opportunity. Cheryl and Mack do have terrific chemistry, more than I have felt between Cheryl and Wolf, and in a strange way, the relationship is made more interesting by Mack's framing of Wolf. Instead of Cheryl making a simple choice between the good cop and the bad criminal, everything has been newly painted in shades of gray.

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