DROP DEAD DIVA ''Will and Grayson'' Review Season 2, Episode 10

New Jane learns a piece of old Jane’s history while Grayson faces off with someone from Vanessa’s past in the “Will and Grayson” episode of DROP DEAD DIVA. Jane receives a citizenship award from the police, but a woman interrupts her acceptance speech with the accusation that Jane slept with her husband Todd. Jane learns that she was actually helping Todd bring down some dirty cops, and that Todd left town after she was shot because he was about to be arrested for the crimes because Jane didn’t produce a recording of the real dirty cops Todd gave her. During the trial, Kim helps Jane by getting one of the dirty cops on tape admitting to stealing cash from the evidence room. Grayson represents the employees of a factory owned by Vanessa’s ex-fiancé Will, who wants to move the company to Mexico and finds a way for Will to stay profitable without moving.

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