For insiders?

If you think this movie is a Kung Fu movie, if you think this movie is a typical asian production, if you think of Bruce Lee or Chuck Norris, if you think of one on one combat with traditional Kung Fu techniques --- You're wrong.

This film is the total opposite. Designed to be a mockery of all the Kung Fu stuff out there - be it the traditional chinese production or the new Hollywood pseudo-Kung-Fu. Everything ???Ausdruck???.

And aside of that, it is still understandable, even for people who have never watched any traditional Kung Fu movie at all (such as myself).

That's because it is a comedy all by itself. With no direct references to any of the popular movies, just to Kung Fu in general - the stuff everybody knows.

This movie is funny, fast and hilariously bizarre in some points. It's a total original - I know nothing else of that sort. It definitely pays watching it - you'd be surprised how much you'd like to watch one of the old-style Kung Fu movies after that...


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