GOSSIP GIRL Season 3, Episode 14 - "The Lady Vanished" Review

What did you think of tonight's episode of GOSSIP GIRL, The Lady Vanished? I loved this episode, but I must say, it was a bit stressful! For starters, I officially hate Jenny. I wish she would have gotten flushed down the toilet along with the pills. What a little brat! When she threw the pills on the ground to get caught I was so sure that Rufus was going to go ape on her. So you can imagine my severe disappointment when Rufus and Lily ate up Damian's lame story! I don't even care what happens to her now. I hope Damian beats her lol.

I was happy that Vanessa and Dan finally got together but it seemed sort of anti-climatic. All the spoilers I read prior to tonight's show were hyping up the fact that Dan and Vanessa were going to date other people. Um yeah, that lasted like 5 minutes. Although I like Dan and Vanessa, they aren't as controversial as the other characters so I'm worried a relationship between the two of them might get boring. What do you think?

Now lets talk about Chuck. How cute was he tonight? I felt so bad for him when his mom failed his test, and was really touched at the end when they sat down for a drink. I hope this lady is on the up and up and doesn't hurt him. I'd love to see her, Chuck and Blair make a happy little family.

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