Review - The Last Exorcism

Any movie with the word exorcism in the title is inviting you to compare it to a movie that a great many people consider the scariest horror film ever made. That's a hook, commercially - but it also raises the bar for shivers mercilessly high. The image of Linda Blair as a leering, ranting, head-swiveling, pea-soup-spewing harpy demon-child in The Exorcist (1973) struck an unholy fear even in those who thought that they didn't believe in the devil. The movie was a blasphemous nightmare for a jaded, skeptical time; it shocked the secularity right out of you. So let's say this much for The Last Exorcism, a low-budget fake-documentary horror film that tries to raise a little hell in the jittery-cam this is really happening! spirit of Paranormal Activity and The Blair Witch Project: It's nothing if not clever about toying with your expectations.

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