This is sooo typical!

Yes, this movie is cliche. Yes, this movie is stereotypical. Yes, this movie is great!

Why? Because it is THE italo western. It's the move that made this genre what it is today. This movie has got everything an italo western could possibly want:

- The good guy, who is mysterious, lonesome, a gunslinger of first grade

- The bad guy, who is cruel and megalomaniac

- The lovely woman, that needs to be saved (and finally is)

- Lots of sidekicks of the bad guy that are shot, one by one

- A feud

- Mexicans, loads of Mexicans

- US governement gold

- No blood at all, except on the hero's wounds

- The showdown

- And, most importantly: The crazy casket maker

Well, if you're looking for a really good western, you're really right with this one. I mean, who could resist Sergio Leone, Ennio Morricone and Clint Eastwood, all in one film?


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