Terriffic and even better...

... if you know what it's based on.

Because -- this movie isn't just a laugh-your-ass-off comedy about three prisoners escaping from imposition in the mid 30s and trying to find a treasure while stumbling out of the frying pan into the fire and gathering local fame on the way --

No -- it's also a remake of Homer's Odyssey, the most famous work of the ancient Greek mastermind.

And once you realise that and find all the similarities between the two, the movie ceases to be a simply terrific comedy with the very talented George Clooney and starts to be an amazing piece of art.

That in combination with the - in my opinion - best Motion Picture Soundtrack EVER (and if you're such a junky for Oldies as I am, you'll just love it, too) makes for an immeasurably good film.


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